2BInformed: Overview of PFAS and Related EPA Regulations; EPA’s New Chemical Program Under Amended TSCA

On this episode of 2BInformed, Erik Baptist and Charlotte Bertrand give an overview of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) before diving into the regulatory and congressional activity surrounding PFAS, how the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) receives and reviews new chemicals, and what actions we may see the EPA and the Biden Administration take regarding PFAS and new chemicals. While discussing the regulatory environment, Charlotte notes that “the significant issue is whether or not PFAS as a group…should be regulated as the entire class,…or should regulators be seeking to better understand whether there are differences among the PFAS?”, which would impact the many industries that use PFAS.

Wiley Podcast · 2BInformed: Overview of PFAS & Related EPA Regs; EPA’s New Chemical Program Under Amended TSCA



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